Super fun family reunion portraits

What a day we had, it was raining lightly on the drive to the session, no problem it’ll stop. Well it didn’t! It was to be a beach session but no go, under the porch of the front entry. As you may be able to see, it was raining – hard. I got very “damp”. So much so that we moved indoors with a view out to the beach we were hoping to be sitting on. After several groupings were done the weather changed again and we sprinted out to the beach. The pace was frenetic as a couple of drops of rain fell. Luckily it was only a teaser. We managed to finish things off and ended up with the portraits we initially planned for! Since the family was visiting at the summer rental house I grabbed a tea and a couple pieces of brownie, energy boast for medicinal purposes only, and processed the portraits. We choose the images and have now delivered their beautiful Wall Art. What a great family memory for the kids to reflect on in years to come. Do you have any special family events from your childhood you like to remember? Maybe one of your family reunions. Lets get together and make sure they don’t fade from memory.

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  1. Joan FitzGerald-Tate

    These are beautiful photos of a beautiful family 🙂

  2. Margaret Bootsma

    Your pictures are lovely, and your family has become so big! Congrats on your 50th Anniversary. Neither of you look old enough to celebrate 50 years of marriage, you must have been teenagers when you got married….

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