Jerry Van

I get to spend fun time meeting and photographing tons of great families all over Vancouver Island. What a great job. Making sure you look your best after the session is also part of my work, I work in ¬†Photoshop to edit your portraits so you look your best! I want to make you look as good as you feel, maybe better, depending on what kind of day you’re having! Ok the best day ever, much better.

Jerry Van and Ruth

Jerry Van-portrait photographer and his lovely wife.

Family portraits are a gift you give both yourself and your children. As time goes by families change, things happen and you can’t go back in time to preserve the times in your families history. Sadly I know this all to well with the tragic loss of my son Zack. I had taken these portraits of him just a few months before. I wanted to share this here because I hear so often that now is not the best time for a portrait,I need to lose weight or insert your own excuse. Please don’t put it off to long, even if you choose not to come to see me. Don’t wait to long.


I took this portrait on the last day of our road trip while passing through Victoria. It hangs as a reminder of what an amazing soul he was.