The Portrait Process

Remember the objective of this portrait…a beautiful, sensitive picture which shows the relationship and personalities of each person in the portrait.The purpose of this appointment is to give you an opportunity to chat with Jerry about your portrait, and to give him an opportunity to talk about the clothing you have decided upon. If you have several locations from which to choose – Jerry will help you make the final selection. Your session can be any where in the Comox Valley. Courtenay and Comox have so many great places for your picture taking fun. We are also photographing in Victoria, there are so many amazing locations there as well. A photographers dream!  Sharing ideas about what sort of look in your pictures you have envisioned is also discussed. We will also go over the products available as well as pricing. This brief appointment is one of the keys to producing an outstanding portrait for you! We work as a team.

Having fun is the first thing to remember! You will look at your portraits displayed on your walls for years and we want them to bring back the feelings and emotions of the day. To do this Jerry puts you at ease and helps to forget the days stress’s. With family sessions the main image is the largest grouping, something Jerry is recognized to be one of the Island’s best at creating. You will also have smaller groups as well as individual portraits taken. You’ve put so much effort getting this event organized, so lets take advantage of everyone looking great! When the pictures are of individual kids you can bring a change of clothing for extra variety.We also give you choices of close ups as well as more “scenic” full length images.

We’ll get together about 1-2 weeks after your session to view and choose your portraits. Be sure to bring everyone who is involved in making the final decisions! This can be a fun challenge and Jerry will be there to help guide you through the process. Remember the goal here is to create a beautiful collection of images to display on the walls of you home. Your images are projected in our office and narrowed down to a gallery of favorites; from there we decide on finishes, canvas gallery wrap or framed as well as the final sizes. With our digital system Jerry can show you the actual finished size on your wall right in the studio! Too cool.

After you have placed your order all the work is done in house, we take care of you from start to finish, guaranteeing our finest quality. Jerry’s years of experience as a retouch artist is another reason that the portraits are so beautiful and complementary. Your wall portraits are framed and ready with a hanger to display on your wall! Your pictures don’t need glass, no glare! You can wipe them with a damp cloth, don’t try that with your other prints!! 🙂 Remember at Van’s Portraits, we believe its not a portrait until it is printed and on display.