Family Portraits at home

If you have a home with a great view or an amazing yard that is a great place for your family portrait. I love coming out and finding such fun locations, I never get bored! The boys are getting older and this is a great time to stop them for just an hour and record something special. Your family is what life is all about. They bring you up when you are down, oh sure sometimes it’s their fault, but you know they will be there. I like to imagine coming home from a tough day at work, someone cut you off and you just aren’t feeling great. As you walk into the living room there above the fireplace is the portrait of your family.


You feel better right away. You remember those great times you spent together and miss the crazy things they did. The kids go off to school and work far from home, they will always be in your heart and hopefully displayed in a beautiful piece of portrait art.

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