Family Portrait at Filberg Lodge in Comox

It was time for a portrait update for the Douglas family. Here are a couple images from back in 2009! It is amazing how much the kids have grown.

Van's Portraits_0099.jpg
Van's Portraits_0097.jpg
Van's Portraits_0098.jpg

Our last session was at their home so this time we met at the Filberg Lodge in Comox. There are so many fantastic spots to photograph on the lodge grounds, we just wander around and see what the light is doing. I found a great little spot for the portraits of the girls, there is always something new to be found. Some of these images will be on the wall as a wall art collection, a great way to show off the love of a family. I am so lucky to share in the creation of these beautiful heirlooms. Enjoy.

Van's Portraits_0102.jpg
Van's Portraits_0101.jpg
Van's Portraits_0100.jpg
Van's Portraits_0105.jpg
Van's Portraits_0104.jpg
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